“There Will Be Consequences” (Episode 20)

The game of musical chairs in the White House continues, while the Attorney General wastes DOJ time (and your money) trying to get back into the Papaya POTUS’s good graces. Plus a truly bizarre story out of Onslow County NC, state-sanctioned puppycide in Michigan, and Baltimore Police again striving to prove that The Wire was a documentary. Then in our #Law140 segment we talk about the role of grand juries and what that may mean for Bob Mueller’s probe of the Parody President and his campaign’s collaboration with the Soviets.

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Show Notes:

3 Replies to ““There Will Be Consequences” (Episode 20)”

  1. I’m sure the most-vocal are bona fide racists who don’t like the stigma of being identified for what they are; it’s a classic example of the Southern saying “a hit dog hollers.”

    As for the rest? I wish I knew. The ad was well-produced and I didn’t take it as a personal affront, so it’s a challenge for me to understand those who did.

  2. Another great episode. Keep up the great work!

    I have a question – (Re: P&G ad) why do you think it is that white folks get so bloody fragile and defensive anytime (we) black people mention anything about having to have “the talk” with children? What, in your personal opinion, is behind that over-the-top defensiveness and threats of boycotts, etc.? It has to be more than just ignorance and lack of empathy that generates that kind of response. It’s crazy.

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