BONUS EPISODE: Alliterative Trump Nicknames, Volume 4 (Episode 21)

As nuclear war with North Korea looms, we bring some mid-week levity with this bonus episode featuring the next iteration of our #AlliterativeTrumpNicknames list! Thanks to your help there are now -33- entries to help you better identify our beloved Papaya POTUS, the Cheeto-in-Chief himself Donald J. Trump. Please feel free to use and share as your heart sees fit 🙂

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Show Notes:

  • Our earlier episode with Alliterative Trump Nicknames Volume 2 (Fsck #4)
  • Add your own using #AlliterativeTrumpNicknames (Twitter)
  • The full Volume 4 list of Alliterative Trump Nicknames:
    • Apricot Authoritarian
    • Cantaloupe Caligula
    • Carrot Khomeini
    • Cheddar Ceausescu
    • Cheeto-in-Chief
    • Citrus Stalin
    • Clementine Kleptocrat
    • Coral Castro
    • Dorito Duterte
    • Gouda Gaddafi
    • Habanero Hussein
    • Kumquat Komrade
    • Mandarin Monarch
    • Mango Mussolini
    • Marigold Marcos
    • Marmalade Mugabe
    • Melba Mao
    • Momordica Milosevic
    • Moscow Muppet
    • Naranjillo Nixon
    • Nectarine Noriega
    • Orange Ortega
    • Papaya POTUS
    • Parody President
    • Peach Perón
    • Physalis Franco
    • Pumpkin Pinochet
    • Saffron Seko
    • Sunkist Sultan
    • Tangerine Tyrant
    • Terra-cotta Tojo
    • Velveeta Vladimir
    • Yapping Yam