Phones and the Fifth (Episode 7)

Picture of iPhone with finger touching number 2

Can the Government force you to give up your iPhone passcode? The answer might surprise you. We cover self-incrimination this week, along with the Paris Climate Agreement, Kathy Griffin, the latest London attacks, California targeting racially-biased juries, the stunning exposé on corruption in North Carolina’s prisons, and a lot more legal news from the past week!

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The Dirty Underbelly of Probation (Episode 6)

If you ever want to know how much crazy sh*t can happen in a week, start a podcast! This week we cover Pumpkin Pinochet’s week-long disaster of a trip abroad, Montana’s new journalist-slamming Congresscritter, police abusing the young and the old, and for this week’s #Law140 we take a look at probation and how Ramad Chatman will be serving time for a crime he didn’t commit.

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WTFsck? Volume 1: Listener Questions! (Episode 5)

We turn the show over to you! Join us as we answer your questions about that Harvard graduation party, the Citizens United decision, how Justice Gorsuch will affect the Supreme Court’s 4th Amendment jurisprudence, and the question I’ve gotten dozens of times in the past year — what makes me a conservative?

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BONUS EPISODE: Alliterative Trump Nicknames! (Episode 4)

Picture of oranges, with the word "BONUS" superimposed

It’s our first-ever mid-week subscriber-only BONUS episode! Tune in for updates on the news since Monday’s episode (Russian spies! Obstruction of justice! Turkish brawlers on US soil!), and a list of 23 alliterative nicknames you can use when identifying Donald Trump.

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No Heroes in Washington (Episode 3)

Grayscale picture of Donald Trump, James Comey, and Chuck Schumer

The show keeps getting longer! 😱 This week: DeVos gets booed, headlines deceive, police kill two more kids, Sessions relaunches the Drug War, Trump fires Comey, and for #Law140 we get into the details of precedent and how it works.

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A Tale of Two Police (Episode 2)

Apologies in advance: more profanity than usual this week! Join us as we talk about President Trump’s comments regarding the Ninth Circuit and his non-understanding of the law and HBCUs, a compare-and-contrast on how police in Balch Springs Texas conducted themselves in the Jordan Edwards execution compared to a detective with the Raleigh Police terrorizing a BBQ restaurant, and in the #Law140 segment we do an overview of federal sentencing and how it will play out in the Michael Slager plea for executing Walter Scott.

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Happy Loyalty Day! (Episode 1)

Picture of sidewalk flanked on two sides by US flags

We kick off May 1st with our first full podcast episode! Join us for info on Loyalty Day, President Trump’s distaste for our “archaic system” (and his love of Communists and dictators), the hot new diet fad sweeping our Government (jails!), and a quick overview of our court system.

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