WTFsck? Volume 4 (Episode 30)

We turn the show over to you! Join us as we answer your questions about the use of race in college admissions, the NFL #TakeAKnee protests, my “goals” (such as they are) for doing a podcast, and what tools you may want to start a podcast of your own.

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Show Notes:

  • 1st Question: Prospects for race-conscious college admissions? (Twitter)
  • 2nd Question: Thoughts about the #TakeAKnee NFL protests?
  • 3rd Question: What are my “goals” for the podcast?
  • 4th Question: What tools do you need to start your own podcast?
  • WTFsck? Volume 3 (Fsck #24):
    • Podcast details?
    • Why did I leave computer science to become a lawyer?
    • How does “qualified immunity” compare between employees and police?
    • Why does “Congress” now include all governments?
  • WTFsck? Volume 2 (Fsck #15):
    • How and when to hire a lawyer?
    • Can Congress undo constitutional laws?
    • What type of gun do I carry?
    • Why do lawyers think precedent is so great?
  • WTFsck? Volume 1 (Fsck #5):
    • Segregated Graduation at Harvard?
    • What do I think about Citizens United?
    • How will Gorsuch compare to Scalia?
    • Why am I a conservative?