Mini-Pod: Season 3 Not-A-Preview (Episode 94)

We’re back! With the first episode of Season 3 upon us, T. Greg and Mike the Sound Guy had to cut out the “podcast notes” stuff because it took too long – so they turned it into a separate mini-pod! Listen in for updates on where T. Greg’s been, the newest member of his family, philanthropy updates, and the four-alarm Twitter dumpster fire known as the Vic Mignogna LOLsuit and The Threadnought™!

*THANK YOU* to this week’s Show Note Sponsors (Anon, Trey Benfield, Judi Kane, Colleen Mahaney, and Michael Teal) and our #Law140 Lovers (Andrew Murphy, Erica Phillips, Helen Poston, Joe Sevits, and Michael VanOrder)!

Show Notes: